Wealth Management Services with our Financial Advisors

Wealth Management Services with our Financial Advisors

Date: February 21, 2021,
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Seeking wealth management and other financial planning services can provide comfort and financial confidence that you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to planning for your financial wellbeing. As you think about the various wealth management firms that exist, it’s important to consider meeting with various professionals and learning as much as you can before starting with anyone. Here are some important questions to ask when seeking wealth management services

What Are Your Credentials?

It’s important to learn the credentials of the firm and the firm’s professionals who will be working with you; not all financial planners and those who claim to be wealth management experts have the same level of education and experience, and not all are registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, our team is comprised of:

  • Investment Advisor Representatives
  • Compliance managers
  • Financial planning coordinators
  • Client relations managers
  • Chartered Financial Analysts® 

What Types of Wealth Management Services Do You Provide?

Be sure to ask a firm about the services they provide and consider how these services fit into your goals. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we provide a range of wealth management services to assist clients where they are and where they want to go financially. These services include 401(k), mutual funds, securities, and other investment strategies planning; planning for long-term care, disability, health, and life insurance; pension plan participant services, private wealth strategies, and retirement planning

What Is the New Client Process and What Is Expected from Me?

It’s important to know what the new client process looks like, how (and how much) a firm will charge you for services, and what your level of engagement will be throughout the process. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we’ll guide you through your options and handle 100 percent of the implementation of your financial plan. 

What Is Fiduciary Duty?

Fiduciary duty is a legal team that, in essence, refers to the obligation that one party has to act in the best interests of the other. Our CFPs® have a fiduciary duty to our clients, which means that we are legally obligated to do what’s best for you, not what’s best for ourselves/our firm. 

Who Does Your Firm Serve?

It’s important to ask what other clients of the firm look like in terms of finances and financial goals in order to ensure you’re working with a firm that will actually be able to help you. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we work with clients from around Indiana at a variety of wealth levels. Talk to us more about your specific financial situation to learn how we can best serve you.

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