Financial Planning Services in Highland

Financial Planning Services in Highland

Our Financial Planners at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC Work for You

Knowing the best strategies for smart money management isn’t always easy. In fact, people who want to make smart financial decisions often struggle to do so, failing to effectively save for their children’s college education, unexpected emergencies, and disabilities, or even retirement.

But if you’re struggling to understand the best way to manage your money, you’re not alone. Our financial planners at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC have been helping clients like you in Highland make smart money decisions for years. If you’re ready to take the first steps towards creating an effective financial plan, call us today.

What Goes into a Comprehensive Financial Plan?

When you call our team at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we’ll do more than just guide you through the basics of money management and budgeting; rather, we will create a comprehensive financial plan that is meant to address your goals, needs, and specific economic circumstances. Our financial planning services include:

  • 401(k) plans, mutual funds, and securities. Do you know the differences between these three types of savings and investment strategies? Do you have either–or all–established? Let our team help you understand the differences between 401(k)plans, mutual funds, and securities, which one works best for your financial picture, and how to start investing in yourself now.
  • Various insurance options over the course of your life. Part of having a strong financial plan is planning for the unexpected; the right insurance coverage can help. If you suffer a serious accident or need coverage for healthcare, wage replacement, and more, being able to collect on an insurance policy could save you tens of thousands of dollars. We’ll explain things like life insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance
  • Pension plans. Pensions plans can be one of the best options for those trying to save for retirement. For guidance in understanding the differences between pension plans and 401(k) plans, call us.
  • Retirement planning. One of the most important elements of your financial plan is knowing when you’ll retire and how much you’ll need to have saved at that point. Most people are behind on their retirement goals; we’ll get you up to speed.
  • Private wealth strategies. Finally, some people want to just have enough to make it through the rest of their life comfortable; others want to do everything possible to maximize their wealth. We’ll review with you private wealth strategies that are designed to provide the greatest return on investment.

You Need a Financial Plan

No matter who you are, your income or assets, or your age or family status, it’s never a bad time to put a financial plan in place. With a financial plan, you’ll have more peace of mind when it comes to thinking about the future, and more economic security.

Our Highland financial planners are ready to sit down to discuss your needs and goals today. An initial consultation with a member of our financial planning team is offered at no cost to you. All you have to do is send us a message today, or call us directly at 219-864-5050. We look forward to helping you improve your financial future!

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