Fee-based Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Fee-based Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Even if you have a reliable job and are putting money away into savings each month, there’s no doubt that thinking about the big picture of your financial plan can feel overwhelming. Sure, you may be caught up on your bills, and perhaps you’ve even put away money for (or bought!) a home. But are you financially prepared for big life events, such as marriage or having a child? What about child care expenses, or your future child’s college education? And while it may be years off, have you thought about retirement planning? At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, our fee-based Northwest Indiana financial planner can help with all of the above and more. To learn more about the benefits of working with a financial planner and how to get started, call our team directly today. 

What Is a Fee-based Financial Planner?

There are various different ways in which financial planners get paid. Some financial planners will charge an hourly or flat fee; others will be commission-based. When choosing a financial planner, it’s important that you understand the difference. When a financial planner is “fee-based,” it means that they take a combination approach—they may get paid through a combination of flat fees, a percentage of assets under management (AUM), and/or commissions. This can be beneficial for the client, as the financial planner may be able to offer a client a wider range of services and also work with them to monitor progress and implement strategies as such. 

Is a Fee-based Planner Still a Fiduciary?

When a financial planner is a fiduciary, it means that they have a legal and an ethical obligation to act within the client’s best interests; they cannot prioritize their own monetary financial gain over the client’s interests. All CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ are fiduciaries.  

Services Offered By Our Fee-based Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Our fee-based financial planners offer a range of financial services to clients throughout Northwest Indiana. You can choose our financial planners for assistance with the following:

  • Choosing the right insurance policies related to life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and health insurance;
  • Making sense of your pension plan participant services, including answering questions about when you should start drawing your pension;
  • Planning for retirement and learning more about how much you’ll need when you retire and the best strategies for getting there; and
  • Private wealth strategies, including both traditional and nontraditional investment options and other ways to grow your wealth.

Call Our Fee-based Financial Planners Today for a Complimentary Consultation

Working with a financial planner may be one of the best financial decisions that you make. As you search for different financial planners, consider the benefits of working with a fee-based financial planner. Our fee-based Northwest Indiana financial planners at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC are ready to meet with you to discuss your financial needs today. We offer free initial consultations. Connect today to learn more.

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