Business Exit Strategy Near Lakes of the Four Seasons

Business Exit Strategy Near Lakes of the Four Seasons

Running a business can be gratifying work, but as you think about your future, you may realize that running your business until your final days may not be for you. Even if you do want to continue business management for years past retirement age, you’ll need a plan in place for what happens next. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we provide services for business exit strategy near Lakes of the Four Seasons. Reach out to our financial planning professionals for business owners today to learn more.

Business Exit Strategies You May Be Considering

There are myriad different exit strategies that may be appropriate for you depending on your business type and your desires for business management and control after you step aside. Our financial planning professionals can work with you to develop a plan that is personalized to you. Some of the most common business exit strategies include:

  • Liquidating the business. Liquidating a business refers to a process whereby the business is dissolved and all of the business’s assets, including any tangible assets (i.e., business furniture, cash register, products, etc.), are sold. After liquidation, the business no longer exists.
  • Sale of the business on the open market. If you no longer want to retain any control of the business but don’t believe that liquidation is the most lucrative choice, another option for exiting your business is to sell the business on the open market. This is typically a popular choice for small business owners.
  • Leaving the business to a family member or business partner. Another very common strategy for exiting a business is to do a hand-off of the business to a trusted party, typically a business owner’s child. Sometimes, one partner in the business will sell their rights to the business to a partner.
  • Internal buyout. Finally, another common exit strategy is an internal buyout, where the sale of the business is opened up to employees. Rather than a single employee purchasing the business, the company is typically purchased using pool employee and upper-level management resources.

Taking a Personalized Approach to Assist You

Exiting a business and creating a viable business exit strategy is a big undertaking. Fortunately, it’s not something you have to do alone. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, our financial planning professionals have years of experience helping owners like you design smart plans for the future of their businesses. We always take a personalized approach, and never apply a one-size-fits-all strategy in helping you plan for your future. 

Take Control Of Your Business’s Future Today

Planning for the future now is something that will give you peace of mind, especially if the unexpected happens. A business exit or succession plan can always be amended in the future if circumstances change.

To learn more about our services for planning for business exit strategy near Lakes of the Four Seasons, please reach out to our financial planning professionals at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC. You can reach us online, or by calling our team directly. Initial appointments are offered at no cost. 

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