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Harvest Financial Planning, LLC welcomes Maurice Lounds to the team

After having worked for 13 years as a financial advisor under JP Morgan, Maurice Lounds decided it was time to make a change that would revolutionize the way he serves his clients.  He was looking for a broker-dealer that would allow him the freedom to give truly independent advice tailored to his client’s specific needs.  He looked for a firm that would open the doors to an almost limitless choice of investment products that have been first evaluated by the largest independent broker-dealer in the country*.  He wanted to be able to compress the fees his clients pay while expanding the level of service they receive, and to be able to partner with an experienced firm that has been providing comprehensive financial planning to their clients for over two decades.
After much due diligence, critical evaluation, and prayerful consideration Maurice determined that it was in his clients’ best interest to partner with LPL Financial.  LPL Financial was formed in 1989 and is the nation’s largest Independent broker-dealer*. LPL’s mission is to provide their financial advisors with a structure to offer truly independent financial guidance and advice while maintaining the highest levels of oversight and integrity.
Shortly after his decision to join LPL Financial, Maurice was introduced to the Advisors and Staff at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC.   After several meetings it became apparent that Maurice was a great fit at Harvest Financial Planning and that his clients would benefit from working with such an experienced team.
LPL and the Harvest team are excited and pleased to welcome Maurice, his family and his clients to come alongside a team dedicated to serving others and enriching relationships.  Give our office a call today to learn more about Maurice, Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, and LPL Financial.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2016, based on total revenue.